Special Buy COVID PPE Back-to-Work Kit
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Special Buy COVID PPE Back-to-Work Kit

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    COVID PPE Back-to-Work Kit provides the essentials coping with COVID-19 in public. It includes one 4 oz. hand sanitizer, three KN95 face masks and three pairs of size large nitrile gloves. Inoculex Gel-Based Hand Sanitizer is made with a 70 percent ethyl alcohol base to help reduce bacteria on the skin. KN95 Filtering Face Masks deliver high-quality protection for industrial and general-use settings. The KN95 equivalent masks offer five-layer construction so this type of face mask can effectively filter 95 percent of the air, including oil-free particles. Suitable for home and professional use, they are simple, effective and comfortable to wear. They are also easy to secure onto your face with the reliable ear loops. These disposable masks are not intended for medical uses or use in healthcare facilities. Qube Nitrile Examination Gloves features a powder-free, textured surface and a beaded cuff. These 4 mil thick blue gloves are nonsterile and puncture-resistant.



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